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Landing Page that Open Virtual Doors to Your Business

A landing page can be any page on your website; it is the page visitors arrive at when they get to your website or it can be a page they get to after clicking on a link. Many people choose their website’s home page to be the landing page and in many instances this is the right portal to lead visitors into the rest of the website, especially if it is cleanly designed and the navigation is well done.

More important than which page it is, is what that landing page can do for your business—entice visitors to learn more about your products and services, convert leads into sales, engage visitors to download a white paper, and so much more.

Custom Landing Pages Convert Leads into Sales
For times when your company is promoting a specific product or service, a custom landing page can serve as a valuable online sales tool to develop warm sales leads for your company. CW Media, Inc. will design and implement custom landing pages for your website or for your special promotion. For example, these can be linked to a search marketing campaign (which we can also develop for you) or be tied to seasonal sales. We understand that in the world of online sales and promotion, it’s all about conversion rates.

Rather than direct people to your generic home page, CW Media will bring them to the targeted landing page on the website that highlights your company’s special promotion or key deliverables. We can link the landing page with your online banner ad, sponsor link, or pay-per-click campaign or make it the default portal for your visitors’ user experience.

The landing page also provides CW Media with valuable reporting information about where your site visitors are coming from and what other website pages they are visiting. Our analytics capabilities tell us how long they spend on the landing page and where else they go to get information about your company.

Landing Pages for Start-Ups
For start-up companies that aren’t ready for a full website yet, a custom landing page is a great way to develop a simple online presence that announces you are open for business, and provides the foundation for a full-blown website down the road. CW Media will design a custom landing page for your company using your new logo and tag line, which we can design for you, and write simple, effective copy that introduces your business to the public.

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